Master Plan


Download Copy of Club Master Plan (Field Operations)

Master Plan for Minor Soccer Fields & Infrastructure

Priority List (short-term projects)
S.S.U.F.C has established a priority list containing present  & short-term improvements and needs reflected by the executive and membership to the clubs/towns soccer fields located at Helliwell and Pierson.

    1. Helliwell – Parking Area & Fence Re-Position

Providing a safe and user-friendly parking lot. This would also provide better access to the fields from the road & parking lot. The fence needs to be properly moved (insight and plans from both minor soccer & town reps) to maximize the space for future projects.

    1. Helliwell – Accessible Washrooms and Club Storage Building

Creating storage shed (similar to Pierson Location) for club and town use as well adding accessible washrooms. Creating washrooms at this site would be beneficial for soccer club and town for future development as this location will be used more. Or looking at larger building for club shed & storage, town needs/water system, washrooms and some type of attach pavilion.

    1. Pierson –Benches located on both Atom Fields (U12) #1 & #2

This allows the players-team to have there own designated spot. This helps keep fans-parents away from both teams, and allows the official easier line of sight of the field.

    1. Pierson – Additional Bike Rack

Club has been hearing that the first bike rack installation was great. But there seems to be a need to add another bike rack again looking at the best available site not just for soccer but also keeping in mind the playground location at Pierson site.

    1. Helliwell – Light Fixture Zoning/By-Law Permit

The Club understands this is a HIGH TICKET ITEM/LONG-TERM INVESTMENT.
SSUFC wants to be proactive to have the proper zoning/by-law approval in place in the coming year first. This would be the first set/phase installing lights at this location. Club would also look into 1/3 funding model, power source, and utilities as well prime time hours and usage and driving force on why club-town would benefit from this item.

Minor Soccer Fields List Order & Strategies:
The club has comprised a full master list below for each field and set order of importance at this time. Included are all fields with maintenance info.

    1. Helliwell
      1. Parking Area & Fence Re-Position
      2. Accessible Washrooms & Club Storage Building / Pavilion
      3. Permit of lighting fixture, Install Field Lighting (Installation) Big Ticket Item (Long-Term)
      4. Addition Soccer Fields (Regulation size, Mini Fields, ½ pitch, etc)
      5. Bike Rack
      6. Community Playground
        1. Main Field – continue proper maintenance (field leveling, main goal mouth, lining inward/outward & grass cutting height) town/club have done great good making this field what it is.
        2. Atom Field #3 – utilizing the field for practices and “extra field” for U12 games or tournaments. This field will be used more in the coming years.
        3. Looking at available space (future explanation) if needed for are U4 and U6 Programs that are run at the SDSS High School Football field at present time. As well looking into additional mini-fields (U8/U10 Programs).


    1. Pierson (J.H Robertson Soccer Complex)
      1. Benches located at both Atom Fields #1 & #2 (U12 Division)
      2. Additional Bike Rack
      3. Mini-Fields additional specter’s bleachers (U8/U10 Program)
      4. Pavilion close proximity to main structure at site
      5. Creating field map layout at both entrances to Pierson
        1. Main Field – continue proper maintenance (field leveling, main goal mouth, lining inward/outward & grass cutting height). Town/club have done great good making this field what it is, and working with and being on same page with SDSS/School Board.
        2. Mini-Fields (A/B/C)- U8 & U10 Programs field maintenance and chalking.
        3. Atom Fields (#1/#2)- U12 Division creating team benches area and making sure goal post are numbered.


    1. SDSS High School Football Field  (BWSB)
        1. Cutting and lining of the field for the U4 & U6 Soccer Programs
        2. Club looking into cost associated with lining the field every other week as this program only runs just over 2 months of the summer

President Jeff Virgo & Director at Large Alycia Tedford